Seriously, Filipinos

The Filipinos is a race that indulges in different kinds of things. You’d find everywhere a musician, an artist, a singer, an athlete… For me, Filipinos are knowledgeable. When all the people unite, we are going to be geniuses. But seriously, fellow Filipinos. From blogs, articles, posts, and everywhere about Filipinos or the Philippines, I … More Seriously, Filipinos


Wanderlust (n.) – a strong desire to travel ex: A man consumed by wanderlust So why am I giving you the definition of wanderlust today? It’s because deep, deep down inside, I again, have a strong desire to travel. I guess I’m not desiring now because it’s really happening. Our school is holding an event, … More ˈwändərˌləst

Early Marriage 👎

The early marriage I am referring to is such cases wherein teenagers marry at a very youthful age and bear already children. Obviously, I am against it. Everybody is, right? First of all, it is very wrong for youths to marry so early because teenagers are meant to fulfill their responsibilities yet,and some of these … More Early Marriage 👎

Footnote to Youth

Footnote to Youth is a short story about a teenager named Dodong who wanted to marry at a very young age and as soon as he got the approval of marrying the girl, sooner and later, he regrets what he has done. So what is the story telling us, actually? Dodong is the epitome of … More Footnote to Youth