Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard: Book Review

“For hundreds of years, the Silvers have walked the earth as living gods and the Reds have been insects at their feet, until you.”

Hello bloggers and readers! Whats up my equals? It’s been a while since I blogged. It’s been more-than-a-while, actually. I’ve been caught up straightening my priorities and other unpractical and unnecessary things that I wouldn’t mind sharing. So, has anyone of you read Red Queen? You wouldn’t end up in this page if you haven’t. I’m just going to say that this is a very beautiful book articulately written. It’s very straight forward and stead fast. It’s words are very intricate and half flowery but again, it’s straight to the point which means one occurrence will not fill up a page with blooming words like the other books whose names should better be left unsaid.

The plot of the story revolves basically on a girl named Mare Barrow. Her world is divided by blood. In various countries like India or the Medieval times in England, the caste system were implemented, Generally, it would start from the slaves rising up to the soldiers, nobles, and higher nobles. However, in the world Mare Barrow is living in, the only divisions were the Red and Silver blood. The Silvers dominate over the Reds. They think they are more superior when compared to the Reds. Most of them are the nobles, royals or if not, men and women with reputation and good labor. However, the Reds simply serve. They follow by the rules governed by the Silvers and work for them. If on a chess play, the Silvers would be the King, Queen, Horses, Bishops, Rooks and all the other high ranking pieces while the Reds are basically just the pawns to move and risk.

The Silvers and Reds have lived by this injustice for almost the rest of their lives or just before Mare Barrow became a rebel and well, a betrayer of various people with different blood. This dimension of her life printed on a book consists an occurrence when she discovered her true blood. She was offered a job at the palace, to her surprise and that simple and complex thing started the wonderful, nerve-wrecking climax of the novel. She met Silver nobles with outstanding powers. Hatred, love, anger and betrayal surrounded Mare and the Silvers. She was torn in love, broke apart, betrayed upon and you will emotionally feel the standing of Mare Barrow.

Trust me when I say this but the novel really is a heart-smasher and a brain killer. So much betrayals are occurring that you literally don’t know who to trust, Silver or Red. There are different Silver abilities- Animos, Blood healer, Burner, Cloner, Eyes, Greenwarden, Magnetron, Nymph, Oblivion,Shadow, Shiver, Silence, Silk, Singer, Skin healer, Stone skin, Storm, Stone arm, Swift, Telkies, Whisper, and Windweaver. Mare Barrow has an ability but not belonging to the ones enlisted. Not belonging to any Silver abilities at all. She has the ability to control and produce lightning. Amongst the Silver abilities, no abilities have the power to manufacture or produce an element. For example, burner. Burner uses fire as the main element. Burners do not make fire. They do not spurt out fire from their palms like spider man and his web or something. Burners have this ring that sparks a tiny glint of fire and the burners control it based on their liking. Therefore, they do not control the element they own.

Mare Barrow’s ability captured the Silver nobles and they used her as a lie and a pawn (you’ll find out how. Just read it). It is also said that yes, she is born-red, known-silver. But technically, she is different. Silver and Red, stronger than both parties. I took the “What’s your Red Queen Power?” test at Epic Reads, here’s the link ya’ll
and guess what I got? It ain’t any of the Silvers abilities which means I’m exactly like Mare Barrow, oh yeah! Though that’s only gonna validate if I actually lived in her world, which is a liking and a disliking for me. Liking, because her world is utterly awesome. I mean powers for the Silvers? How could you just say no to that? And no because… First hand, there is a possibility I might be Red and I’m not degrading Reds or anything okay? But it seems like the Red life is unbearable. They are like slaves and screw Silvers for that. Justice shall be brought. Thanks to Mare Barrow, that can be possible (Though, a sequel to the book please, Victoria Aveyard). And If ever I were to be Silver, I’m scared of taking responsibility of the power itself because it might change who I am in another way I don’t like. Like, I might use it for reputation, money, and all the evils known. I can manipulate people and… isn’t that an act of betrayal to your equals or at least to your neighbors? And it’s not like I’m gonna commit treason but what if I actually do commit it? Even unintentionally, I can commit such. Singers can slither to your mind and make you do and forget. They can manipulate minds and if ever I commit treason, I’m completely terrified of the punishments that await.
I find the love story quite shallow and too fast. The love story can never be compared to “The Selection” by Kiera Cass because Kiera Cass’ focus on the love alone. However of course, you can never forge, and you will ship the characters who are meant to be bethroted (oops. No spoiling for this blog post!) But the “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard is like “The Selection” and “Divergent” crossed.
I recommend this book to you, for real. You’ll never regret reading it. You’ll probably even thank me after you read it. Praise me, even ;).  This is one of my top 5 hits on Y.A Literature and that’s saying something! I can be a bit picky and over judgemental with books but this book is a surefire!  Hoping for Victoria Aveyard’s sequel to the book! People say it’s releasing on February 2016. Let’s be patient, fellow readers!
Will keep updating for more book reviews!

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