How To Deal With Insecurity

I know most of you, I mean ALL of you have dealt with this little twit called “Insecurity”, including me.

How is insecurity for me, precisely?

In my school or at least everywhere around me, there are always better looking people who are just better looking than me. Those “better looking people” may have clear skin, gorgeous hair and the cliche epitome of perfection and it’s characteristics, while on the other hand, I’m like the opposite. I’m not gonna turn this blog post into a ridiculous rant page but I’m not as good looking as the good looking people. *insecurity strikes again*

I’m gonna be all neat and honest when I say the things I’m most insecure about is my hair, my skin, and of course my figure. I’m not vain or anything. I’m just conscious because people need to be conscious at times. Even with their appearances because consciousness keeps us safe and grounded most times. But the problem will be made is if we’re gonna be too conscious or in a shorter term, insecurity.

I’m gonna cut to the chase.

The real answer to dealing with insecurity is to not care too much. Frankly speaking, while you are so conscious about every detail of your appearance, no one gives a care because they’re also conscious of themselves. It’s just the way things revolve. Don’t care too much, do your stuff. Carry a little bit of care with you because it’s vital.

If you’re insecurity is REALLY visible, like acne breakouts, that’s why we have “THE INTERNET”. I’f you’re dealing with blemishes, simply search “How to Deal with Blemishes”. Get tips from credible and reliable sources (Even Wikipedia is mostly true!) and just do the tips enlisted. It’s gonna work, I swear. Like why would someone say this and that if it ain’t proven. It’s just as simple as that. The internet is our guru of everything. Just type your problems and it’s gonna give you gazillions of answers.

Next, this may sound stupid but inspiring quotes uplift me. Search for inspiring sayings and it will most probably give you a good head start. Hear from people with insecurity stories and ask how they got over it and stuff.

This blog didn’t help you specific wise, but it’s general wise and I just want to let you all know this because those are general tips we tend to forget.


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