Clean Slate

If I had to describe this week in one word, it would have to be complicated, in a good and of course, in a bad way because THERE IS ALWAYS A BAD IN EVERYTHING, always. This week, I had my first day of school in a new school and the first day jitters came again. I actually couldn’t believe it’s pass summer. Right now, I feel like it’s still summer. Going to school again messed up my everyday routine like instead of waking up at 10 am, I have to wake up like 4 in the morning because my service comes to pick me up at 5:30 and it’s literally driving me crazy. This week, I can feel how sleep deprived I am. It’s like my eyeballs itch everyday.

So my first day in school went okay. Half good, half bad. Good, because I sported some new friends, and bad because I felt uncomfortable, mainly because I was sick that day. Believe me though, going to a new school was harder than I expected. Like at Sunday, I was like “MEH. Tomorrow, new school, new life, new people. Pshhh it’s easy”, but when Monday came, lots of thoughts were running in my head. Introducing in front was easy like “Hi I’m Janika, I came from Meridian, my age is this, my likes are that”, but the only thing hard about first day is that you sit in a chair, you want to approach everybody and be like”Hi I’m your new girl and WANNA BE FRIENDS?” but I think that’ll only make me look weird and really F.C. Instead, I waited for them to approach me. I was reading my book, “Book Thief” alone, then some people approached me, asking what my book is and blah blah blah. This book really is a great conversation starter. The friends I made up this week are mostly book worms like me and some are otakus so like… i’m speechless cause I’m a 0 grader when it comes to anime. So my new friends and I talked about books like “OMG HEY you know Maxon Schreave??? and Krisssss… ugh I hate that girl”.

You probably wouldn’t be interested in my first day novel right? right. But over all, I made friends and there’s still this big awkwardness surrounding me. I actually miss my Meridian friends because it’s been roughly two years and the ties I made there were quite strong, but I’m starting to like my new school except for when everybody there is like good at sports and I’m like a wimp.

I’m sorry if I haven’t blogged for 176524342527182727 decades already. I was caught up with studying, summer classes, pigging out and stuff and I want to blog again. But this time, I’m gonna blog about stuff that ACTUALLY makes sense because honestly, my past blogs are full of nonsense and uninteresting stuff so starting now, I’ll try to blog more about fruitful topics and I only have like 20 followers here at wordpress so I’m aiming for more bloggers or readers and that’s why I’ll make my blog nice, from now on.

So yeahhh.

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That’s all. Please follow me here on word press, hope you’ll enjoy my space when my following blog posts come. (They are to come)


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