Cells & Humans

“Cells don’t make up human beings, lies do”
-is a very fine saying by me.

We are so contained of ourselves, our reputations and our faces that we forget to look around. Now look at the people around you. Do you find something similar between you?
Humanity is destroyed in a very unliteral way. We want to protect how we look to other people but when we look to ourselves, all we see are abandoned corpses, stray animals, and garbage in the rain leaving mud suds inside us, making us filthier. It is habitual that we humans want to make our names sound melodic to others and I have nothing against it because after all, I can relate. But once I look to myself deeply, I am not made of cells. Cells aren’t the blocks that build me. All I see are lies scrambling from my toes to the very tip of my hair and I no more feel virtuous and innocent.

Humans lie because the world is a matter of survival. Without lying, we will lose half of what we have. With truth, we cannot reclaim what we lost because truth is like jumping off a cliff. Once you’re in the air, you have nothing to do but let go. That’s the feeling of implying truth. Once you tell the truth, it means you’re ready to let go of it. Truth. Doesn’t it sound refreshing? Like an infant baptized, innocent as is, pure and sacred. We people lie because it is a matter of saving who we are. We want to leave a mark in this world. A mark wherein we would be remembered and adored.

This is how humanity is destroyed. We want the air we breathe, polluted. We want filth instead of tears and you can’t change that fact about humans because it is difficult to catch what you have let go.


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