Subway, No Way!

SUBWAY by Etsuro Sakamoto

Everyday I step into a coffin

with strangers

nailing hurriedly

My own coffin,

I go to the city

to be buried alive

Subway” by Etsuro Sakamoto is a poem that symbolizes restlessness. It is said or pointed out in the poem that the persona is feeling restlessness from work. For me, I think the persona lives somewhere rural from the line “I go to the city, to be buried alive”. Maybe the persona isn’t used to the kind of environment the city has. You know, pressure, stress, work and work!

Here is a poem that may be connected to the poem “Subway”


Where is the silence? It’s been so long

Since I have heard it, I’m afraid can no longer find it

Whats wrong with me?

Tear down my head from the neck up and you’ll

see your answer

Why is it hard to just be quiet?

Must I always be thinking and worrying about things

that didn’t cheer me up in the first place?

It takes a while to get used to

but I’ve more or less become numb to the though of it

The two poems, “Subway” and “Silence” are quite similar because by my reading on “Silence”, It’s about a person who is very stressed that a lot of things are running inside the person’s head. The person’s head is so noisyand loud that he can no longer find silence.


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