Seriously, Filipinos

The Filipinos is a race that indulges in different kinds of things. You’d find everywhere a musician, an artist, a singer, an athlete… For me, Filipinos are knowledgeable. When all the people unite, we are going to be geniuses. But seriously, fellow Filipinos. From blogs, articles, posts, and everywhere about Filipinos or the Philippines, I always see encouragements from different races that we should make use of our natural resources and the intelligence of our human resources. Those compliments and encouragements are too flattering. But seriously, don’t you think that the Filipinos should get enough of the encouragements? Even if there are trillions of positive comments from others, there aren’t any changes I see. Let’s get real here. Even though Filipinos are very talented people, these are the things Filipinos aspire today: Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Ask.Fm…), updating their iPhones into the newest models, fashion, going abroad for leisure, daydreaming about hot celebrities, eating good food then posting it, and the like. Why can’t the Filipinos dream bigger? Why do we just sit on our lazy ass doing nonsense? Yes, we like to defend our sides on how lucky we are to be Filipinos and there are more than just toilet cleaners. We like to post on social media stuff like “I am Filipino and blah blah blah”, then we are always listing down the dreams for our country. But the truth is, Filipinos are too lazy to do it. Their priorities are different, their goals are too shallow and we are selfish. The real thing is, 65% of the Filipinos don’t care a thing about the Philippines. One time, I was riding in my dad’s car as jeepneys were passing by. I saw a guy throw a trash to the ground and doesn’t give a care about it. 65% of Filipinos are selfish and 35% are left. Inside the 35%, most of them in there are the Filipino-Chinese in the Philippines who are really the one who helps the country in bigger ways. So it’s like 7% Filipinos give a care and help to the best they can. We always think that Philippines is very much improving, the infastructures are more and more modernized and more. But for me, changes happen every decades only, and those changes are very small. I’m in Singapore right now, and what I noticed is that Singaporeans are a whole lot better citizens than Filipinos (I’m getting real here). They are very disciplined even in simple means like staying aside from the bus station to give way to others, letting the elder sit automatically, THEY THROW THEIR WASTES ON A PROPER BIN AUTOMATICALLY, they follow set rules given by the government… Why can’t we be as disciplined as them? They are also very efficient. For them, time is precious and gold. Not like us Filipinos, all we do with our lives are all FUN FUN FUN. We are like little kids who cares no nothing about anything. We are immature citizens of the world. Even our government is shameful. All they do is STEAL because Filipino likes “easy-money” and we are too lazy to earn our own like the Chinese people, Chinese people are very hard working people and they don’t need to steal because they can make enough for a living. To the people in the government, if you want money, work hard for it. The people in the government, all they do is bring shame to the country. And again, this is a proof that Filipinos are really lazy. The people in the government are very selfish as well because they don’t care about the state of the country. They are blood thirsty bats and hungry pigs for money. Their faces are all full of SHAME yet they don’t feel it. Also to the people of the Philippines, why can’t we be disciplined? We shall benchmark on other countries. Let us dream bigger. Not just going to malls and apply to be a maid in abroad. It just brings shame to the country. Why can’t we feel it, Filipinos?Why are we so insensitive and inhuman? We need to stop all the encouragements and mold ourselves MORE and MORE and MORE better than who we are now. We need to stop the encouragements because they are useless to us. Seriously, Filipinos.


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