Wanderlust (n.) – a strong desire to travel

ex: A man consumed by wanderlust

So why am I giving you the definition of wanderlust today? It’s because deep, deep down inside, I again, have a strong desire to travel. I guess I’m not desiring now because it’s really happening. Our school is holding an event, specifically the “MCTP” or in long terms Meridian Crest Twinning Program. The program actually happened last June wherein the screened representatives of Crest Secondary School of Singapore went to our school. I guess it was awkward being with them for a few hours but when we collaborated, we shared thoughts and discovered we actually had lots of things in common (I’m not cliché, okay). The guys were fond of futsal so they had a game of it at the elevated playground. I guess all guys love futsal. It’s part of their lifestyle already. I was in a group wherein we went to “Lupang Lahi” farm. There’s a motto there “No work, no eat”. So I guess we enjoyed the sun ,pulling weeds and crops, watching plants being irrigated, petting animals and the like. The Singaporeans aren’t that familiar with agriculture since they are a country without natural resources. At least the Crestans finally got to experience farming and the agriculture life in the Philippines. We ate more food than those who went to Ayala Museum because we worked more. Nuks 😉. Overall, their visit was amazing and it left us infinite memories to cherish forever. I’m really looking forward visiting them on October 6, which is finally next Monday! I’m so excited to see them again and meet new people at their school! I’m so excited to hear more about Singapore, know more about their culture and add more important and extra information to my brain and extract it when I go back to the Philippines. Honestly, I’m mostly excited about the bookstore we’re going at, the Universal Studios (HUMANS VS CYLON ROLLER COASTER! Oh yahhh!) and the horse back riding. I’m 20% scared about it. Okay! Maybe 60%! But it’s better to try than to regret! Gosh why am I so excited? My toes are tingling right now! I finally want to make my comfort zone as wide as the whole world. I swear, I’m not going to waste this opportunity and I’m going to take down all things I’ve learned from Singapore. Every single detail. I’m going to take this opportunity to finally represent the Philippines and flip any bad impressions about us. I’m so excited 😁😁😁 Oh and my roommate is Hannah Barrera, and thats a good thing! hahaha. The stuff we’ll do… *sigh*. I’m just super excited about meeting the Crestans once again! Oh, and good luck to the grade 7 student’s who’ll be having their VLC. I swear to you guys, It’s going to be the best memory you’re ever going to cherish on your whole grade 7 life. That’s all!

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”

“Not all who wander are lost”

Adventure Awaits! To those other MCTP and VLC participants, I wish we’ll have the best of luck!


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