Japanese Food: The Art of Cooking

imageimageimageimageimageThese days, we think of food as some necessity and for some, entertainment. I’m not going to deny the fact that one of the best things about eating, is of course, the taste. But there are other factors needed when you want to display “art” in culinary. Like the ambience, the presentation, the aura of the place (when you’re setting a Korean theme, everything needs to have that Korean feel) and the service. I’m sorry if I missed out some things but I think that’s about it. Anyway, as I was saying, from my experience awhile ago, I can say I was impressed. We ate at Teppanyaki Express by the way. I really love that place because when I saw the way they served the food, I knew I was going to experience something new. The restaurant doesn’t serve like normally (I’m not saying they’re abnormal) but they do it in a different way. First of all, do you know that feeling when you go in a restaurant really hungry then you want food right away? You’re going to lose patience because all you want is FOOD. FOOD. FOOD. Yes. I know that feeling, people. But it’s different there. I must admit I was really hungry when I went inside the restaurant. We took our order which was salmon, sukiyaki beef, tuna and sukiyaki pork. I wanted to eat already because my stomach was gurgling. When our orders were taken, a chef went to our front then cooked the food in front of us. It was really entertaining and I forgot all my hunger for food. He distributed our salads and I LOVE SALAD. Anyway, it tasted great! Superb. It was really amusing how he prepared and cooked our food so professionally. My dad kept asking the chef questions and us too. He was like “Are you enjoying?” over and over again because for a thought, I knew he did. The food tasted normally Japanese but I guess the experience was great because of the theme. I really hope our “The Asian Palette” will give the guests the same experience too. It’s not just the food. It’s the experience. I also liked the tea because it burned my tongue. Then, I learned, whether you’re eating hot ramen or hot tea, you got to slurp it fast so you won’t feel the pain. Actually, I learned that already when I went to Japan but yes. I want more salad though. It’s just so entertaining there. Whenever the ushers greet us, my dad would respond loudly to them and it’s quite… embarrassing? hahahah. I was also amused by the set design because there were REAL (I think.) Japanese swords displayed and they’re nothing but AWESOME. The experience really counts when you open up a restaurant. I guess the reason why I love Japanese culture is because of their art. It’s already shown in everything. For example, in cuisine. How they prepare it. How they pour tea. How they dress. How they cook. Japanese culture is art.


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