The Fault in Their Stars

Whenever I read quotes about Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, there’s this beautiful and depressing feeling that collides. I don’t intend to spoil but the love story is so beautiful and so perfect. Augustus isn’t the typical guy who’ll surprise you on your doorstep with flowers (even though he did) but he’s not the materialistic type of guy. He’s wonderful. You’re not going to love him, you’re going to need him, like how Hazel Grace needs her BiPAP to breathe. He’s not sweet. He’s funny. I know, I know, I’m getting the AWS (Augustus Waters Syndrome) again but I just very much ship them. The book is really short, and I guess they made the most of it. The story really goes fast you know. But every moment Augustus and Hazel are together, they create something powerful like their first visit to Amsterdam. I was actually squealing when Augustus donated … no, not donated, shared? Yeah, when Augustus shared his wish with Hazel Grace (because Hazel was an immature kid since then and used her’s on DisneyLand) and on the plane… ah, I just love that moment. Augustus’ first plane ride, he doing his “metaphor” on the plane, and when Hazel kissed Augustus’ cheek… argh. I wish I was Hazel. She’s so lucky to have him. I want to cry right now, remembering Augustus’ pre funeral. Their little infinity is so beautiful and I know it’s not gonna end because it’s an infinity. It’s more than a circle. A circle is just endless but an infinity are kind of like two circles together so it’s more endless, i guess. The pre funeral though ;( I expected it. Augustus to pass away and it broke me, tear me into pieces that Hazel accepted the fact already. Like there was no fear, but scars containing in her heart because she knew it. Their little infinity was to be continued with no more Augustus Waters. She shall continue a life with no Augustus Waters. She shall walk a path with no Augustus Waters annoying her, kissing her gently and passionately. Isaac didn’t even want to see a world without him. Augustus didn’t become someone’s Peter Van Houten. He didn’t finish his quest to be loved widely. But he was loved deeply. And that’s what matters. He left a mark in this world. He will be remembered.


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