Early Marriage πŸ‘Ž

The early marriage I am referring to is such cases wherein teenagers marry at a very youthful age and bear already children. Obviously, I am against it. Everybody is, right? First of all, it is very wrong for youths to marry so early because teenagers are meant to fulfill their responsibilities yet,and some of these are namely finishing their education and planning for their dreams and future. Teenagers these days, I’ve noticed, and I might as well include me, we have hardships when given a responsibility, and marrying at a young age is just another responsibility. Not just “another” responsibility, but a big responsibility. It’s like putting too much sugar on your coffee, and you put more sugar. Bearing a child is too much responsibility, because for teenagers, as we are meant to accomplish until college, when one bears a child, we not only focus on our studies but the child’s too.

The second point is, finance. A normal teenager like Dodong, in the story “Footnote to Youth” barely even has money! How can he support, raise the child when he can’t even buy the child’s complete needs like milk and clothes? What I’m saying is that one must be well-educated and fully matured before stepping in the real fury of reality. Most of the educated people don’t even get good jobs, well, for some, but what more the uneducated people? What kind of jobs will they get? A service crew? A janitor? Maybe you’ll say “Then why are some billionaires like Henry Sy and Lucio Tan uneducated but very successful in life?” Well guys, dang your right, but it might be because they came from successful families or it came out of luck, a snap of a finger. But we shouldn’t be sticked to this fantasy because let me tell you. These occurrences, these kinds of luck only comes ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. It doesn’t happen to every uneducated people. They usually get a place in McDonalds and the like. So how will you raise a child with that small amount of money?

The story “Footnote to Youth” is persuading us to believe that young love is such a good feeling, but the worst result. It’s telling us to mind and take care of our responsibilities, still, and if we want to be ready for reality, we got to accomplish everything we need to, plan for it, and be sure you got all you need. If we aren’t ready yet, we should accomplish everything first. Load the gun before firing. It’s as simple as that.


3 thoughts on “Early Marriage πŸ‘Ž

  1. Why you no mention me? You’re so bad!!! 😦 ………………………………………………………………………………….. No I’m joking. I have nothing 2 do hahaha!

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