Footnote to Youth

Footnote to Youth is a short story about a teenager named Dodong who wanted to marry at a very young age and as soon as he got the approval of marrying the girl, sooner and later, he regrets what he has done. So what is the story telling us, actually? Dodong is the epitome of all youth and puppy love for me. The story is actually telling us to think before we act. And to be honest, I was kind of… well kind of, okay, annoyed by him because he was almost frustrated when he knew inside, his father didn’t want him to marry. He didn’t think before he acted. He hadn’t thunk: What if he and Teang gives birth to a child? How will they sustain the child with no money and no plans? And yes, Teang did gave birth to a child. And more and more came. They couldn’t stop it. They had hardships, problems, burdens, and all things dreadful. They first prioritized the love they had for each other before stepping into reality. Before, Dodong thought he and Teang will be forever in a sweet dream. But as soon as he stepped into reality, he regreted and cursed himself. Teang too. And what’s ironic? Dodong’s son, Blas, at a young age too, said he wanted to marry a girl named Tona. Dodong didn’t want to say yes, yet he had a hard time saying no because if he did, It would be unfair and not just for Blas since Dodong did the same mistake. How ironic, right? For me,  I think Dodong shouldn’t approve for Blas and Tona since Dodong knew the outcome or the results after marriage, he should’ve warned his son, Blas, about the dangers in reality. He pitied his son after then. So guys, I hope you learned a lesson. Mind whats important first. Think before you act. This may not just apply for this kind of situations but situations of very different natures.


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