Death Arise (A Lovestory) Chapter 1

My name is Stephanie Outlaw. Yes, Outlaw. For years, I thought my surname was my biggest problem in life. But actually, the biggest problem is being a princess. Trust me. Being a princess is like a bird being stuck in a cage, and of course, I’m literal. I am locked in a cage. A castle, I suppose. My life is lead pretty normal. I go to school, I go home, but I never get to hangout in the bar, in parties, talk about being a free teen. But, my life was pretty twisted and there came plot twists when this happened.

“Mom, I’m going to school, please tell me who won the American Idol, please love you,” I kissed mom’s cheek and walked towards the “royal” door. Almost everything’s royal here. The windows, the chairs, the tables, the clothes… but the clothes are a bit skimpy, which makes me hate wearing them and I’m glad I finally regained my freedom and wore school clothes. The limo was already waiting and I hopped in.
“Ready, Princess Outlaw?”
“Yes,” I tightened my seatbelt really tight I may explode into pieces.
I gazed through the window, the shine shone so bright. It was too radiant for a sun but the people were smiling. They were giddy. They weren’t princesses or royalty. They were free. I always wondered what it would feel like to be like those people on the streets. Happy, lonely, angry. At least they were capable of those emotions. I was just… well, normal. I erased the thoughts. The stupid, stupid thoughts because it was stupid. And because we were in front of the school already.
“Have a fun day, Princess Outlaw,”
“You too, Mister Brown,”
As I walked the hallway, there were bows, and smiles and “Your majesty”s. Okay. To be honest, I was sick of those. Sick of the bowing, the respect, it makes me feel abnormal. Like something makes me so different from them. But I returned it with a smile anyway.
”Locker 26… Wing A…” I tried to search for my locker and finally saw it. There was an envelope. Wonder what it could be. The envelope looked so special. It was pink with a hint of orange. it had black spreading gracefully on it and it was wrapped by the most grand ribbon knotted perfectly into a rose. It was so astonishing but as I opened it, I couldn’t even untangle the ribbon. “This is stupid, very very dumb,” I thought. But finally, I found ways to untangle it. I slipped the paper from the envelope and came out a paper with royal writing. But when I saw it was from Kamber Williams, I knew. She was trying hard. The invitation said:

It’s Kamber Williams’ 18th birthday!
It would be greatly appreciated if the invitees would come.
418 Bar at 9pm.
It’s a surefire!

Bar… Bar… A bar!
Omigosh! I can’t believe it! Though, will mom let me go? Year right. She’ll let me go. Ain’t it ironic? Classes were done and I went back to the house.
The door flew open and I scurried to look for mom.
“Mom, Omigosh. This is the best news in history,”
Then finally, I found her embroidering. I actually find embroidering really out of this generation, though.
“Honey, what is it?”
“Mom,” I breathed heavily and smiled “Mom, I just got invited t-”
“Honey, I don’t want to hear it,”
“Hear me out anyway”
“No honey,”
” Mom, I want to be a free teen! This is a free country, and were ruling it!,”
“Honey,” mom sighed ” Prince Caspio’s wife died this morning. We need to be there,”
“Ugh, it’s always like that,” I stomped to my room and shut the door. Who cares about Prince Caspio and his wife? because if anybody, I don’t. Life is such a grenade. I got my book and resumed to reading the Ode to a Nightingale
“My heart aches and a drowsy numbness pains.
I sense as though of hemlock I had drunk
Or emptied some dull oplate to the drains
one minute passed and Leth-warts had sunk”
I slammed the book. This was utterly boring. I want to go to that freaking party.
“Honey, were going to Prince Caspio’s. Be ready in a minute,”
” What? Omigosh, mom. What an early reminder. Thanks a lot,”
I can’t believe it. Trade a party for a stupid funeral?
I dressed up in a flowy white dress and tied my hair up in a twisted bun and of course, like any other girl, I’d be wearing flats than heels. I scurried all my things and trashed all of them in my bag. I look trashy. My heels were clicking the marble floors of the palace as I heard the limousine BEEP! repeatedly.
“Patience!” I thought. I went out the palace and rushed and raced with the wind. WOOSH! The air felt stingy. It felt like ice daggers slashing your skin and breathing was very hard. It will crawl up to your lungs. It made me feel almost numb and my lips could barely even move anymore.
I opened the limo’s door and went in.
“Gosh, maybe I need lesser time,” I told mom sarcastically.
“Honey, your dress is too short for the funeral,”
I looked down. It was not short! It was knee-length! Maybe mom’s standard of shortness is pretty high. But I love this dress because it dances when I walk. The sequins just sparkle so brightly whenever I make entrances and it was graceful and pure.
“Stephanie Honey, you cant wear those dresses until your 20,”
“Mom. I’m 18. Give it a chance”
“Only this time, Stephanie,”
“Yeah, thanks,” I was still pretty mad about the whole party and bar thing. I really wanted to go.
“You seem so down in the dumps,”
“Mom. 5 words. Starts with P, ends with Y,”
“You know, I just read something very funny,”
“Yeah? how funny?” I bet it was a joke. Mom was bad at telling jokes.
“Okay, okay,”she laughed ” You can tune a guitar but you can’t tuna fish,”
“Mom,” I rolled my eyes. “that is really not funny,”
“Mom, please,”
“It’s funny!” she laughed so hard. The joke is not funny but I don’t get why I laughed.
“Okay, okay mom, that’s good,”
After a few hours, “Queen and Princess Outlaw, we are here,” the driver said.
It felt so bad to be awake. I must’ve thought mom did feel that too. As I walked to the venue in the palace, I heard people crying. Mourning. It felt so horrifying. Like ghouls in the room making the floaty sound with screams that of course, were shown in an orderly manner. I mean, it’s a castle, come on. People need to show some etiquette. Mom rushed for Prince Caspio and brushed her hand in his back, crying too.
“She was a good woman,” mom told him.
Of course he cried too. But it’s not as if he looked crazy. He had poise but he was sad.
“I’m sorry for the loss,” I said. I met his gaze but looked away quickly. He walked to me and offered his hand.
“Prince Caspio, Prince Marcus. Any of those,” he smiled but he was trying.
“Princess September Outlaw,” I shaked his hand and he kind of snorted hearing my surname.
“I’m sorry,” he said. I blushed. This is the pain having this surname. abut his smell, oh his smell. He smelled like lavender clashed with roses. He smelled like pure spring. He smelled just so fresh. After that, I went to Princess Caspio’s tomb and prayed silently. Seeing her, I remembered my father. Yes, he died. It was very tragic. Remembering it once again will just make me close to the verge of tears. But tears streamed down my cheeks and I let out my tongue to catch a tear. It tasted so saline, so salty. So dark. It had darkness in it. In the salt, I tasted the memories we had together. Dad, I love you. Wherever you may be.

(OHAIO READERS:) This is the Chapter 1! Idk if you want the chapter 2, but it’s up to you. Hope you like it. There are all the figures of speech too, BTW)


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