The World is Wrong & Right

The world is a gunfire, an explosion, a war. Every corner has it, the one who’ll kill you with a knife, a gun, or by hand. Why is the world howling at us? It’s growl will break your ears it’s scream will break you into pieces and it’s laugh will shed you into strips. When is there a minute you’ll never hear a “BOOM!” from that corner and an “AHHH,” from that lady who’d just encountered theft? The sound is just shattering like cats screaming, clawing they’re hands on chalkboards, it just makes you wish you never had ears. Your skin will sting as if thousand of needles scratches your skin, the coldness will feel like ice, hot ice, it feels so cold yet so hot it makes you want to rip your skin off already.

But the world smells like roses. It smells so innocent, so fresh, it surrounds you with such sweet aroma, it smells so passionate. You’ll see, yes, you’ll see, green grass lying on the ground like a blanket. Sun shines at it, it just makes everyone so radiant. Childrens playing merrily, icecream vendors smiling, handing out one to everybody, making the icecream drip on the clean sidewalk. The children seem so delighted. It makes me wonder, what taste does it have that makes them joyful? Is it the chocolate flavor that’ll melt and burst in your mouth? It tastes so rich, so incomparable to all the flavors. Chocolate will ooze on your tongue and the flavor clashing with the cherry on top. Even the old people enjoy such treats too. It seems they are more delighted than the younger omes. Isn’t it ironic? The vendors come up with a chant:
“Icecream’ll make you happy
No matter you look shabby
It satisfies your tummy”
Weird. I thought.
You know whats weirder? A seal was performing. A seal was there! The seal was balancing a ball on its nose and a failure, it lost balance. A girl from behind
snorted “that’s the SEALIEST thing I’ve seen in history,” she came up with a pun. Nice. The world is like a sunshine. It has so many rays.

But the world is white and black, bad and good, dark and light. The world is not a fairytale. Yet, not all. The world is a reality and a fairytale. I would caution you for the reality because it will make you shriek. Unacceptable. I know. Me too.


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