A Way To Kill Schoolchildren by Victorio N. Sugbo

“A Way To Kill Schoolchildren” is a poem meant to say that children should be kept away from too much fantasy because it’s a way to kill them. But before the discussion, I was too curious to know what the content was because the title seemed quite creepy. I mean “A Way To Kill Schoolchildren”. Really? It gave us beforethoughts thinking it was actually about killing children. You know, knife, blood, death, the usual stuff?

Anyways, the poem ended up with the phrase “tell them more fairytales”. I actually agree with the author because I think fantasy can ruin one’s perspective in life. Too much fairytales are actually bad because you’d be all like “It all ends in a Happily Ever After”. Okay, what if someone dies from leukimia? It sure is a happily ever after. Fairytales will also make you be all like “Okay okay. Prince Charming surely is coming to save me,” or “He will be here. I believe in the spirit of Santa!,”

Too much fairytales will hinder us from the truth. With all those Happily Ever After and stuff, when we grow up and still have the same perspective, we will think our satisfactions will come in a snap of a finger then Huzzah! there’s nothing then disappointment. The poem is entitled such because little kids always beleive in fairytales and oh brother, I hope they’ll wake up from fantasy.


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