A Way To Kill Schoolchildren. A Way To Kill Us.

Okay. I have blogged about these in my “other” most recent blog (before this). Okay a short recap, too much fairytales are bad. It can kill us. So this poem, how can we connect this to other aspects in which facts are blurred by set fantasy? Our teacher in English during our discussion first showed us a very positive comment about the Philippines. I forgot but it had something to do with the economy. The word “biggest” in there made us proud. Here comes the sad part. There’s a so called “Bukit Timah shop” in Singapore, I think? But it’s actually a mall. And as I researched, in the uppermost floor, there are rooms, well, brightly lit rooms filled with women. So are the races Filipina, Indonesian and Myanmar. It’s a room filled with Filipina, Myanmar, and Indon maids. When a person enters, the person chooses form the women and buy them. How utterly disappointing.

And one more thing. My elementary years had been filled with “There are lots of beautiful beaches in the Philippines. Be proud of it!” or “Our agriculture is rich! Be proud of it!” or maybe “Filipino art, singing, and food are the best! Be proud of it!”. Okay. I am proud of my culture and heritage and where I belong but we are brainwashed by all those. Yes, there are beautiful beaches here and such but if you read “A Way To Kill Schoolchildren”, haven’t you just realized Victorio N. Sugbo was talking about the Philippine government? We are all too much focused on the fairytales and happy endings but we tend to slash reality from our brains. So Filipinos: THINK, THINK, THINK!


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