Starting Fresh

The first weeks of school hadn’t really been focused much on the lessons but the curating of classrooms.  I must say the theme “Asia” really was fit for our class because most of us once again revealed their artsy side.  The designs were also a good head start for a new school year, to start fresh.  Have you done your best last year? Yes, you may have aced the exams and quizzes and tests, but have you took it seriously?  We’re you at your best possible behavior?  Well to be honest, I haven’t. I mustn’t deny that last year, I took most activities as some practical joke.  I wasn’t even at my best behavior, to be honest.

Starting fresh… Have you decided to banish the “OMIGOSH it’s like exam and I have NOT.YET.REVIEWED”. It’s like a common monologue you’ve said a million times.  Need I say more?  Seriously, guys.  Don’t be all like, “Oh I’m not gonna do my best this year because I still have a FREAKING next year,”  because it’s like a line you repeat every freaking year.  What I’m pinpointing is do your best this year.  Can’t beat that top 1 kid? My father once said, “Hard work beats impossibility,” it isn’t the same words though but it’s a bit like it. Yes? Okay.  If you really can’t beat the number 1 genius who’s like the future Einstein, then try at least top 10? If again you can’t, you don’t have hopes.  I’m just sayinggg! 

If you always pass a project or school work past it’s deadline, this year, aim to pass it before due date.  If you’re really lazy, my church’s speaker said, “ACT, and the feelings will FLOW,” okay everybody, say it like a hundred times. Just kidding.  But believe it or not, if you’re too a bum to early-do a project, even if you don’t want to, my friend, I say do, and the feelings will flow.  Because if you just sit with you’re lazy ass, are there improvements? If yes, you’re sarcastic.  If no, good kid.  So Let’s start fresh!


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