A New Found Love

This year’s summer was one of the best ever.  I felt like it was the shortest though, because maybe it was the most productive???  But I have found a new love.  It’s reading teen fiction!!! Okay you guys may be reading it since last year, or last last year, but I really started to love teen fiction.  Here are my list of my favorite teen fiction books:

1. The Selection Trilogy by Kiera Cass

2. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

3. Under the Never sky Trilogy by Veronica Rossi

4. Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

5. The Princess by Lori Wick

I was moved from Tagalog fiction books to English fiction.  The Selection was actually my first book and buying it, I thought the English was too eloquent like it was full of “thee”, “thou”, ” maketh”, “beseech”, and the Romeo and Juliet kind of words. But after I read it, I actually liked it.  I like it better than my kids type of book because before The Selection, I thought Dork diaries and Popularity Papers were like the best book ever but actually, no.  Though, I still like Dork Diaries.  It was just the word MATURITY that switched me.

The thing is, you shall learn to love things you are foreign to. And try it.  The Earth is bigger than we know, and bigger than the smartest man knows, and the Earth is filled with such amazing things.  ANYWAY, have you watched the Fault in Our Stars? It was like one of the best love stories in history.  Even my dad loved it so much.  I don’t mean to spoil but I was close to the verge of tears when Augustus had a freaking G-tube gone wrong and he was like crying like he thought he was gonna die.  I felt like everything inside of me collapsed even though I’m not Hazel Grace.  But that’s okay.  Augustus is now in heaven and he’s very very happy. Yes? Please say yes? I liked the movie better than the book though.

I’m recommending you to read teen fiction books because I instantly fell I love with it.  Whenever it’s about a princess or what such, I always feel like I’m the lead role that I’m actually the princess.  Is that bad? Or do I just dream too much?  Reading teen fiction, it’s like transporting you to a different realm like that.  If you are really not interested in reading, I say reach for whatever you want.  Make your dreams now because if you’re like “I BELIEVE IN MY FREAKING DREAMS AND I’M GONNA MAKE IT! Maybe tomorrow lah…,”  Do it! So that is it. Books are my star crossed love of my life.  Watch The Fault in our Stars though. Be sure to pocket some tissues or not if you’re man enough.


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