I Love You Mom!

I know I have sinned
Through my actions, my words, and my thoughts
And through the octaves of your voice
I listened thoroughly on whats right and whats wrong

I always do mischiefs, faults and offences
I always trip on my own lace and never tie it back
I always fall and never got back
I bump the books and never put it back on

I barely do good
I always make you wear a frown on your face
I always ruin your days
And make it rain again and again

But all I wanted to say is thank you
Thank you for the time you donated
Thank you for the life I’m having
Thank you for changing what’s bad in me

Thank you for preparing my meals
Thank you for the lullabies before I sleep
Thank you for the clothes that keeps me secured
Thank you for every material thing

Thank you for the love
Thank you for encouraging me in everything I do
Thank you for the laughter and the smiles
Thank you for everything

I’ll love you bigger than the oceans combined
Bigger than the Earth
Bigger than the planets combined
Bigger than you have ever imagined

You may not be perfect as a mom
But as a mom you are perfect to me
I no longer could imagine life without you
And I couldn’t have existed without you



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