Being Not-So-Talented

Well, I’ve got to say, I am a not-so-talented person. Mainly because I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I can’t act (maybe I can, but sometimes, stage fright strikes), I can’t handstand, I can’t split, I can’t do a cartwheel, I’m not good at playing instruments, I’m not good at writing ~ I actually don’t know what I’m good at. Or maybe I’m good at ” not being good at everything”.

To be honest as well, I envy them people who sings very well, who dances very well, who knows the stage very well, who can do a handstand, a split, and a cartwheel amazingly, who plays the violin gracefully and so on and so forth. I sometimes look down at myself because I’m not good as the others.

But now I know the answer to why things get to be “not-so-good”. Maybe I need to find what I’m good at and never had discovered it yet! So realizing it is the perfect time because summer is near! It’s wherein I get to try different classes and who knows? I might be good at singing? Puh-lee-zee make it possible!

“Nothing is impossible”! So I can sing as good as Ate Naomi or Charm after all! (With hardwork), So guys, if you want to be good at something, work for it. There may be haters but haters are encouragement which will pull you up and make you better!


Haters gonna hate, but I’m going to make it:))


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