We’ll Miss You #BestMathTeacher !!

Of all the math teachers I’ve encountered, Mr. Santos was the best! He’s really passionate that we could learn something from him and he wants us to master the lessons he teach. I can say he’s very caring, and not only that! Mixed with his’ awesome lessons are funny jokes that make our stomach hurt! Mr. Santos really left memories for us to treasure and part of our heart belongs to him already. He made us all realize that Math isn’t hard as it seems because he taught it to us in a funner version. Before, I didn’t get those graph stuff but with him, it seemed extremely easy! But the worst thing is, he’s going! 😦

The time we heard that news from him, several of us cried. We were like “He’s leaving this week?” then some of us planned to make an awesome celebration. And I’ll tell, it was a success. At first, we created drama wherein Abay and Michaela will have a feisty fight which will cause him to go find Teacher Rosette. And really! He fell for it! He almost called a teacher and when he came back, there were 2 cakes for him, a gigantic card and a teddy bear! We took lots of pictures together, like LOTS.

After that, we had this class circle of thanking him. ALL the girls cried except for Leora. I was like “No, no don’t cry, hold your tears” but I burst in to tears. And this was the very first time I saw the boys go all emotional! So you can see how the grade 7- KALIPULAKU loved Teacher Dave so much. Some of the boys from our class even went with him for milktea! Though we can still communicate with him because he gave us his’ number! ahaha. 

You truly are the best teacher ever. Yep. Not only the BEST MATH teacher but the BEST teacher evah:))

We love you and’ll miss you so max :))


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