Insecurity Problems~

Insecurity means being hesitant or self conscious about yourself. Others feel insecure because they’re not the prettiest girl in school, they’re not the tallest in class, they don’t have the gift that everybody adores and so on and so forth. I’ll be honest. I feel insecure because my hair always frizzes. Not like the other girls in school who doesn’t need to put lots of chemicals just to make their hair straight. I also feel insecure because I don’t have the most flawless skin in class and the list goes on*.

But people, what’s to be insecure about? God made us this way and there’s now way of complaining. God made us beautifully and uniquely. We don’t need that straight hair, gorgeous eyes, model height and so on. God made us uniquely. Imagine all of us having straight hair, big eyes, and a model height. We’d all look the same. There’ll be no more unique about us and people won’t get to notice our flaws because we have the same with them.

So what do we do when insecurity strikes? Guys, always remember, be confident about yourself. But not too much. This sounds cliche but true beauty is from the inside. Not the outside. Once you show the ugliness of your inside, your outside beauty will totally crash because people don’t wanna be with people who treat them badly. They want someone whom they see something beautiful within them in the inside.

Of course you have friends and why do you have friends? Mainly because they see something beautiful within you. It’s something they like and something that makes them want to stick with you. Again, true beauty is from the inside. :))


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