Daydream No More!~~~~

We all have dreams we badly want to pursue and daydream about it all the time. Like being an honor student. Every time in your mind, the phrase “I’ll do my best this term” always echoes. But as time flies, you didn’t do it because you didn’t give your best shot. You just stuck to that habit lounging in the couch and secretly snacking on a bag of chips. Sometimes, you pretend studying. How? Well before, since my mom told me not to eat chips if I don’t study, I secretly crept in the kitchen and grabbed some and slid it into my book I know that’s pretty nasty. (Sorry mom!)

So, break out those habits! Don’t keep on saying “BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS!” Do it, bro. “Believing is just BEGINNING”. Move to step two! DO IT! Because if you keep on daydreaming and believing, DUDE, nothing will happen. As in NOTHING. But guys, don’t daydream the impossible like being Harry’s sister because that will never happen. Unless your actually Harry’s sister. But daydream something possible and amazing that you know you can handle and DO IT. Don’t just sit and draw in your imagination a portrait of you being a chef! PRACTICE! and when you grow up, PURSUE! 

You can do it! Just make sure it’s not super impossible!


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