A Quote Chain: 1

Chapter 1

“You can’t finish a book if you keep rereading the same chapter.”

So, how is this associated with life? Normally, we all have problems and it feels like a depth of despair. Like having problems as hard as wanting to dig 6 feet or even hollower because of shame and embarrassment that occurred. Trust me Thalassas (that’s what I call my followers and readers. haha) the best way to move on to another chapter is to flip on and forget about the problematic occurrences. Always remember. It’s just a chapter! How many more chapters are in our book? In my book its a millionths and more.

Reading a book, until we go father and finish lots of chapters already, we tend to forget the past chapters because we know lots and lots of chapters await. Really, this is applicable to life. Move on to another chapter. I never say “My book is gonna have a happy ending” because for me, the story is infinity and continuous. So really? Why should we sulk because of a chapter if we have hundredths, thousandths,millionths, billionths, or never ending chapters? The chapter we throw tantrums on are just 0.0000000000000001 of our story. 

I hope this short blog will be inspiriting for you my fellow Thalassas! :))


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