How to Write an Argumentative Paper

Of course you guys know how to write thesis papers, argumentative papers, and research papers but at some point, no matter how hard you try, your paper will never get approved. It happened to me this week and I started searching for tips from the internet. So Let’s take for an example, a 5 paragraph argumentative paper (as what we have now). Let’s go on with the tips anyway. 

INTRODUCTION (1-3 Paragraphs)

Introduction is just not any paragraph a paper has to start with. An introduction has a purpose. It grabs the attention of readers. Though, it needs to be catchy. In an introduction, you need to make the first 3 sentences attention grabbers. Here are 3 ways on making it an attention grabber.

  • Start with a question. For example your researching about humanities, specifically “Transgender”, you can start with “Have you ever heard about harassment against someone for being transgender?
  • Start with a quote. If your researching about music related stuff, you can start with “People are like music. Some are the truth while some are just noise”
  • Start with an anecdote. If your researching about bad services in restaurants, you can start with “Imagine yourself, ordering a meal in a restaurant. After sometime, you look at your watch realizing the orders 1 hour late…”.

In an introduction, you give background information as well. For example, “Basketball is a sport famous in America…” and you give a certain problem about your argumentative topic. For example, “but the problem is, we forget our country’s games because lots of people play American games…”.

BODY (3 or more paragraphs)

In a body, always remember your main idea and ALWAYS STICK TO THE POINT. Don’t go elsewhere nonsense. Have a supporting idea like “Because of modern music, our own music is being forgotten…we don’t recognize the talents of our nation…”. Remember guys, always SUPPORT your point. Now chant 3 times. SUPPORT. I’ll give another example so you wont forget.

  • MAIN IDEA: Transgender causes health problems
  • SUPPORTING IDEA: Transgender people, as it is said smokes at a higher rate than others which can pull them close to endangering their lives… alcoholic abuse is also a major problem of transgender people. Alcoholic abuse may cause…”

So, yeah. Always support! In a paragraph, There should be 2-3 main ideas and for each idea, 2-4 supporting ideas just to keep things stable. The body must contain facts like “78% of students liked Frozen… 45% liked The Avengers”. Now here, RESEARCH. That’s where you’d get the facts. It will also help you supporting your idea. Put A LOT of facts which will craven the readers to read more of your paper.

CONCLUSION (1-3 paragraphs)

There is always a conclusion in one’s argumentative paper.In the conclusion, you will write or state your opinion and why you are right. STRONGLY defend your stand. Summarize the body and tell the readers WHY you are RIGHT. Make the readers believe your point by having STRONG points. Don’t insert weak statements about the problem. 

Here are some phrases you can say in a conclusion

  • I strongly believe that…
  • I therefore conclude…
  • The points listed are true because…

And the list goes on*

Hope I helped you guys;)



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