At first, I really thought Spanish was as easy as what I’ve expected. But get this. I was wrong. In fact, I find Mandarin easier (in terms of pronouns, verbs and other things). But Spanish is easier when it comes to pronunciations. Like “Hasta Luego” you just pronounce it as how you read it like “hasta luwego” at least that’s how I pronounce it. And Spanish is much much much more easier when it comes to writing mainly because most of the alphabets are from the alphabets we use. Except for the one like “ll” then when we put it in a word like “ella” it’ll sound like “eya”. But Spanish is hard because you’ll have to memorize lots of things (especially for pronouns).

Then the complicated thing is, our teacher lectures us speaking Spanish then we’re like “What???” But that’s good so we’ll be more familiarized when it comes to pronunciations, which is easy because in Mandarin, whenn I have to pronounce “Zhu” I’m going like, wait, “Chu” or “Tzu” or “Tsu”. I’m practically embarrassing myself when it comes to reading. But writing is so much easy(in Mandarin) because we really gotta learn since my tutor is very very strict! ARGH!! I just remembered. We have to memorize the pronounce for Spanish. These works given are really HARDILYCIOUS! From the word ‘hard’ but “hardilycious” is so like yesterday so let’s use the word uhm… HARDIFUL?!


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