Okay, so my mom just got my report card today and so far, my grades were pretty satisfactory. Some went up high like my Mandarin which I gained seven points and though, my math maintained. The weird thing is, I got two points lower in P.E. I mean, I did my best. But it might be because the activities were actually harder like volley ball, or dodge ball. It was impossible to master those. I can’t believe my grades pulled up so much! Except for my P.E. Though, my grades were so far from line of 7 which I’m very proud of!

But I’m already trying my best to pull up my grades again this semester so I could make my parents proud. And who knows? They’ll be giving me the Avril Lavigne’s album! or maybe even better! Though, I don’t want anything in return for studying hard because the tuition fee was already something I shall return for their rewards. I actually got higher this semester because I strayed away the distractions first. And I’m trying better this semester. Just trying. But maybe I can’t get to be one of the top again because Antish, Leora, Charm, Wren, Eduardo, Moses, VIVIENNE, Moriah Rey and Moriah Chavez are super smart. As in geniuses. And an average girl (Like me) just can’t beat geniuses. Because geniuses are impossible to be beat.

So 3rd term is going to be intense. Like fire growing beneath you and trying to ace the pain?! Like that:P So I don’t even know my track! MST or SSH. MST? no. I’m bad at Math because last semester, I was 93 then it still maintained so a big fat no. Science? uh no way. SSH? no. I hate writing, blogging or anything related to English and I’ve gotta admit. Filipino is a bit hard because the grammar and I don’t really know much of the deep words. So, maybe I don’t have a track??


2 thoughts on “REPORT CARD day:]

  1. Janika, don’t cut yourself too short. You underestimate what you are capable of. Just continue doing your best and giving everything your all and you will do fine! Don’t give up and lose hope so easily, okay? But don’t be too hard on yourself either. Remember, learning should also be fun. Hope this encourages you 🙂

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