Music is Just Magic!!

Have you ever notice how we feel after listening to music? Or how about while the music is playing? You just can’t get enough singing along and when time comes, you catch yourself singing that particular song unexpectedly. Music can actually change our mood and help us replay memories based on the type of music. If your either listening to “When your Gone” or “Thousand Years” , you’ll replay a sad memory about breakups. But when your listening to songs like “Here’s to Never Growing Up” or “Party Rock Anthem”, it’s a very good moment to whip our hairs back and forth. Right?! 🙂 I really don’t know what magic music has in it. It just changes moods in a time. It can make us smile, laugh or cry.

So obviously, Avril Lavigne’s songs are top charters for me. Everytime my classmates play Avril Lavigne songs, my reflexes are really fast and dance weird moves while singing along. Just last Thursday (I think?!) one of my classmates played “What the Hell” then I was like, “WAIT, OHMYGOSH” and sang along really loud. That’s because I’m a Little blackstar:) (What Avril calls her fans: Little Blackstar) I just love that girl. She keeps things so cool and chill. So how does her music affect me? Well it’s mixed because her songs have different genres. It’s sometimes very sad and moody and sometimes very rock. And I could feel what she was meaning to tell.

And I also love Pentatonix! Their “Royals” are so just the best ever!!! They even made a parody of Frozen songs!! Mehehe. Too much of being a fan girl!!


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