So I made a quote though, I don’t know if this was already invented but “DON’T BE AFRAID! BE YOURSELF!” See? Don’t BE afraid. Be yourself. Gets?:]] And I so love the quote “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” So the quote probably means in the depths of your despair we add some carbon dioxide+nitrogen oxide+ carbohydrates. Wait, No.No. Too scientific.It means, BE YOURSELF! just that simple. Be free like a bird but there are limitations that are commonsense already. Like the super bad things, I suppose?? 

Just don’t let anyone stop you from being who you are because it’s just YOU. Why should people teach you who to be? THAT’S COMPLETELY INSANE. Don’t let anyone rule you because you are your own ruler. And God, of course! 😀 People may judge or mistreat you but if you’re smart, IGNORE THEM. There is no need for rising our feet because we are completely in full rise and people just wants to return the dark in us. So just ignore them. Don’t fight back because if you fight back, bashers will think it affects you much and the riot will completely flow like a … well, like the rivers with smashing waters. 

So IGNORE PLEASE. Because we can’t carry the rude comments forever in our life anyways.


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