I now believe in the saying “make every second magical” because we only live once. Excluding if you believe in reincarnation. But I don’t. So it’s very important for people (who doesn’t believe in reincarnation) to live the life to the fullest. And even though you believe in reincarnation, still make every second count. Who knows you might reincarnate in a flower’s body?? What could you even do as a flower? Accept water, get vitamins from the sunshine?”-_- If you’re a flower, you can never ride extreme rides, laugh with your friends, do Instagram, Facebook, Twitter!! Mainly because you’re a flower! DUHHH!! No hands! So if a wonderful thing happens, make it last and don’t miss the moment. Capture so you can capture it as well forever. I mean literally. Capture the memorable moments with a camera!

Don’t waste every second of your life being depressed just because someone let you down. It’s you who does something with your life and that’s the purpose of the brain. To think of what we can do with our lives to make it simply unique. No, not SIMPLY unique. EXTRA-ORDINARILY unique. Like making a master piece because it’s our choice if we want to make our lives pink, blue, green, purple, fuschia, or I don’t know, pinkish-bluish-greenish-purplish-yellowish-blackish? because we were born to stand out! You’re beautiful in your way cause God makes no mistakes, you’re on the right track baby you were born this way :”> 


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