The best thing about February <3

Why is there a heart in the end anyways? Wait, oh Valentines. The only thing excited about valentines are chocolates. Seriously. Enough of those cheesiness. My mom gives me chocolates during valentines anyways because we’re couples!! I don’t like anything related to prom because what is the use of attending prom, anyways? I just would rather chill in my PJs, lie down in bed, blast my favorite Avril Lavigne songs and eat chocolates. What more a better way to spend Valentine’s?:) So yeah. I really don’t care about valentines day those love and affectionate (except if it’s about my parents, and God. And my friends. and other relatives. and others… I haven’t mentioned like Avril Lavigne:D )

Speaking of Avril Lavigne, she’s going to the Philippines on February 14. (Okay Janika. TRY.NOT.TO.FREAK.OUT) Okay *Inhales but doesn’t exhale*. AAAAHHHHHHHH I still can’t believe my one and only inspiration/love/sister/girl friend/idol… etc… will be going here IN THE PHILIPPINESSS! Only if mom would let me watch. But I’m practically begging her!! 

So what more are exciting things happening in February?

Wait, Happy birthday Czerina:)) on February 15:D mehehehe~


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