So the songs in Frozen kept me singing. It caused me LSS. Do you know what happened to Spongebob after listening to that song? It got stuck in his head because there’s a worm. Seriously. Ew. Please don’t let that happen to me. I’ve gotta admit, me and Nathan always sing out loud “Let it Go” twenty octaves higher than Elsa’s and match it with graceful yet kooky dance moves and of course… a tutu. Please don’t forget the glitters. And when we went to Baguio, me and my best friend slash cousin, Arella and Izee stock up lots of videos of us singing “Let it Go”. You guys don’t know how to erase this LSS on my addictive mind.

Speaking of Frozen, I so love that movie:] The best princess movie ever then next is Ariel or Princess Sofia?! Anyway, I love frozen because Elsa and Anna proved they don’t need to show love and affectionate for a prince to make a touching ending. It showed that sister-sister love but Anna also fell in love so whatever. Disregard that. I don’t know why people so love Olaf because seriously. He ain’t funny. Just cute, maybe. But I love Elsa’s hair. When my hair gets super long, I’ll chop for a one layer and do that Elsa’s style. And maybe Anna’s too! I’m not gonna spoil anything so, GOODBYE AND LET IT GO:}}}


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