FROZEN: They don’t need prince charmings, right?!

” Don’t wait for your prince charming. Find him.” DISAGREED. That quote is totally wrong because prince charming should find HIS princess. Like the story in Frozen. Elsa and Anna proved they don’t need prince charmings to make their life cheesy and happy. They shed love between sisters. Continue to the path you wish to pursue and don’t make distractions because prince charming will come sooner. Like Anna. At first, she thought it was love because she was blinded but she realized it was not true because her love was not repayed. Sooner or later she found Kristoff, a love whom she never expected and that’s how love works. Some process before the feeling.

Anyways, next thing I learned in Frozen was not to hide your skillz. Like Elsa at first. But when she “Let it Go”, she realized she didn’t make that big of a mess because she could fix it with morals she realized. So if you’re either good at singing, dancing, etc… SHOW EM’ SKILLZ:] Don’t be afraid to get humiliated. ” I don’t care, what they’re going to say”. Why should we think of other’s opinions anyways. It’s not like those opinions are impacts we can carry throughout our so okay life. So always remember, be you’re self so the perfect girl is gone. WHAT?! haha. Hope you get it. Adios Amigas/os


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