Be a Better Student!

Well, I guess there has been pretty much many blogs related to this but I’m sharing what’s based on my experience. From a low ranking, I went to top 9 and I never knew how I did it. But anyway, First of all, always take notes of tackled topics. Not only this will serve as your reviewer but It will help you in your further… uhm… when you further need it. Just take notes anyways. Never ever forget to write the keywords because in essays or literature, the points are based on the keywords.

Secondly, If I said in the first part, take notes during discussion, take note of your homework. I actually make a checklist on a separate notebook so that I won’t forget anything due on a certain date. Thirdly, be attentive and listen to class discussion. You shall both recite and be attentive to every letter the teacher says.

Fourthly, advance read. This is really important and you shall do this (if you have time, unlike me.) Stray away those tweeting, FBing, IGing, and other social networks (except if it’s for homework purposes, of course. DUHHH!) Adavance reading would help you be more attentive during class hours.

Fifthly, EAT. I am SERIOUS. Right?! Food gives us energy. It’s just PURE SCIENCE because we need those vitamins for our… eh… brain cells?! I guess. Anyway, just eat healthy, edible food.

Sixth, not only be active in academics but also in physical or co-curricular activities such as clubs, physical educational, etc.

Seventh, pivot on your grades but make friends too! Friends are influences and that’s why they surround our environment. They make us learn something new and makes school super awesome.

So that’s all I can list now.



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