Third Semester :0

I’m not complaining or whatsoever about how hard this semester is. And I’m not saying I like it as well. This semester is the bloodiest (literally). We have 3 thesis though, you might think thesis are easy to make (like research on…) but NO. It’s full of approvals, printing and brain storming. Not only heavy thesis covers up this whole semester but heavy projects and/or activities as well. It’s very hard to balance the components of academics including blogging, homeworks, advance reading, projects… And the list goes on* And mainly, it’s the reason why I’m just blogging this late evening. And I owe lots of blog sets.

Anyway, enough with the complaining and lets look at the positive side! Right?! (Crickets chirping*) Well, I guess the only thing to think about is only 5 more weeks!! I can ace the burdens for 5 more weeks! I’ll do my best and exert all my efforts and sweat to every work given. And I guess I really shall push for the best on this thesis so that I can pull up my grades. Then atlast! Summer:)) I still cant believe there’s only 5 more weeks though. Time does go on really fast. So, I hope good lucks to you all for this semester! It’s the last anyways:P


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