Co-ed schools vs Exclusive schools

I know this topic is kind of boring for fun people like you but this is the topic for my thesis in Hekasi and I need to interview lots of people including the principal, teachers, students, staffs in both co-ed and exclusive schools. It might not seem hard but I barely know any exclusive nor co-ed schools so it’ll be much more of effort exerting to me. Yayyy!:(( Anyway, so about the topic, I actually vote for both sides. Why? Because each side has it’s own points. And for me, those points are just… Purebred TRUE. So here’s the points that I know. Uhm, let’s start with Co-ed.

The advantages of co-ed schools are both genders get to interact with the same gender. So whenever like a girl gets to speak to a guy, she wont feel uncomfortable and hesitant to express herself. At least in a co-educational environment, they get to know more about their opposite genders and avoid gender stereotyping and gain respect for each other.

Next, girls and boys have different talents or skills. For example, a girl is into singing, dancing, and so on while a guy is into gaming, sports, and the list goes on*. The point is they can share their skills to one another and uhm, get more skillz?! Yeah.

Then, the advantages of exclusive schools are (lets take a girl school for example.) girls can express their selves more freely without getting judged by dudes and being called a tomboy. Here, she can be who she wants to be without embarrassing herself. Then, normally in co-ed schools, those who join futsal, basketball, etc… Are usually boys. Or maybe everyone in the team are boys. If a girl is interested in joining, she would be hesitant because she will be left as the only girl there and get judged.

So, that’s all I remembered from my research. Because I will hardly get sleep since it’s almost 11′


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