Have you?

It’s nearly Christmas and I’m dead serious. But before Christmas, let me ask you these questions. Have you said sorry to the one you scarred? Have you forgave someone who sinned to you? Have you fixed that scar whether it’s big or small?

Second is, have you said thank you to the one who enlightened your days? To those who helped you get through your problems? To those whom you owe? To those who gave meaning to your life and took care of you?

Lastly, have you said I love you to the one whom you love so much?

To those whom I have hurt, I am heart fully sorry.

To those who helped me, loved me, cared for me, thank you!

To those who loved me so much, who cared for real, who was there when I needed them ,I love you!

These are 3 of the true gifts on Christmas. Merry Christmas!


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