Next weeeeeekkkkkk :)))))

Next week will be really awesome:) For Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll have intrams. I hate Intramurals but the mere fact that we won’t have academics is what excites me. Anyways, I’ll only be running 100 meters. I can carry that. I suppose. Or not o.O. Please don’t watch me! Go away! I’m sure I’ll lose. Not doubting myself but I already know I suck at sports so much 😦 but it’s better trying than regretting. My mom wants to join the Fun Run so whatever. I just hope its Fun Walk. Or Fun Jog. I don’t like running. It’s too harsh both for my braincells and feet cells. I think. Anyways, I’ll just finish it then every things done. I just hope I get somewhere not last. Please oh please :(( and I hope the competitors are just as sissy as me. Please.

Then for Thursday, it’ll be my birthday! We’ll have this program wherein we could join this art-music related program. The most exciting part is, we’ll be eating pizza:) I don’t expect much for my birthday. Really. So Fridays the Christmas party! So another food day:) I just need to shop for gifts to give. And for my exchange gift person. Then… Sembreak! We’ll be going to Boracay and hoping to soon see Michaela:)) She’s also going. I hope a coincidence would occur then we’d see each other! Plus, my violin classmate will be also going there! Gosh this is like the best December ever! Then the resume of classes. Ugh, I’ll feel lazyyyyy! :((


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