Mermaid I am

I always have wanted to be a mermaid. For no reason. Just kidding, of course there’s a reason. After watching “Little Mermaid”, something inspirited me that I could be a mermaid too. But hey, I’m not thinking like a kid or something. I’m just saying my dreams in life, I suppose. Last grade 6, I’ve been addicting on fishes. You can even ask my classmates last year. All I did was research on the different species of underwater creatures whenever the iPads in my hand. I mean I find fishes amazing! Last, last summer was the summer I really missed. We went to one of the most famous ocean parks which is the HongKong ocean park. I bet you guys also went there. It’s a very common spot to visit. Anyways, the fishes were 100x better then those I see in Manila ocean park. I’m not comparing. I mean every fish are unique. I’m just comparing the colorfulness, perhaps.

Back to the mermaid wannabe issue, I think having a tail is cool:) and mermaids are known for their beautiful hair. Well, I’ve always dreamt to have a beautiful hair 😦 Not only the features they have that I idolize but their habitat a.k.a, the ocean. I love sighting those beautiful corals and the feeling of being on the water so I won’t have to go in the swimming pool or the beach all the time just to be in the water. And one more thing, I’d love to be in the deepest part of the ocean where people haven’t explored it yet. To see more amazing creatures and etc. well, like what they say, curiosity builds up dreams.


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