Finally, the summative exams are done which means we wont pivot too much on academics. The summative exams for this 2nd term are way harder than the 1st term. Specifically the oral exams for both English and Filipino. The topic I’ve gotten for English was “If I could design a school…”. It’s easy to think of but 1 minute preparation was way too short. I mean once you get on the stage, you’ll feel very nervous and run out of ideas. At least I said something. Then the Filipino oral. I chose “tula”. It was easy to discuss the terms but the questions about the importance were really hard. Teacher Kim would always contrast on anything you say until 5 minutes ends. Some of the written were also hard. Like Science and English. The questions were really complicated. For Science, the word problems part. I’m weak at those. And the English is harder than what you imagine. I guess blogging is the only way to make my grades in English higher. That’s why I’m often active at blogging. Though, I’m happy for my Mandarin. I perfected all the items. That’s all, I guess.


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