December truly is my favorite month. Not only it contains my favorite events namely Christmas, Christmas eve,my birthday, my brothers birthday but its next to January! Which January 1 is New Year. I just love it when we get to stay up until 12′ then make loud noises. They say you need to make loud noises so the spirits could go away. I also love the colorful fireworks. It was most amazing in Eastwood where the firework spelled 2012! I just love it!

So about December, we also have a Christmas party in school! But the negative side is intrams. I’ve been planning on this a lot. Since I’m joining running, my master plan is to dehydrate my self by not drinking water then faint! Am I not a genius? But people might think I’m crazy since it’s only 100 meters. I’ll join 400 meters next year so that I could faint. I don’t know if this is a joke or I’ll really do it, or what. I know I’ve been repeating this several times, but its almost my birthday! I don’t really want celebrating it at a restaurant because I just don’t feel like it.

Let me think. What else is celebrated in December? Wait OMG its Taylor Swift’s birthday on Thursday! (I think) but I’m one of her fans so yehhh:)) HBD Tay-swiftie:))!
Can’t believe it’s summatives tomorrow:”( and intrams is next week o.O (sports+academics= x)


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