Creative Writing

Last friday, by the way was our first club meeting. I signed up for creative writing with Kyla, who bothers to be my best friend. At first I wanted to sign up in dance club (well, I’m not a feeler, okay) but when I knew there was this required audition, I backed off because I’m never letting that happen. So, there it was. Creative writing was there. The reason why I even joined that was because Kyla was begging me to sign up. Not that I want to be in it but It’s better than nothing.

So about the first meeting, I felt really out of place since I’m not fond of those kind of books they tackle about, like for example, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, BLAH BLAH BLAH. I’m into teen fiction but I guess they don’t like it. I’m thinking twice about signing up for another club, but the reason I stayed was because they announced there was going to be this out of the campus activity wherein you will go somewhere like Starbucks then read a book.

Starting right now, I’ll try reading those type of books. I mean look at my grammar. -.- It’s very obvious I don’t read deep books. I’m not that well versed in English.


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