There’s always been some kind of spark that struck in me whenever Christmas is upcoming. Among all the year’s events, Christmas is my favorite. Honestly, I don’t look forward to the receiving part. It’s the giving I await for. Well, not really. Maybe it’s the food? I think. Or no. I can’t describe the feeling for Christmas but it’s truly magical.

Most people await for the gifts or presents they’ll receive but is that really the true meaning of Christmas?(You heard that line several times) but really. We’ve got to remember Jesus. Wherein this day, Mary and Joseph gave birth to Him. This is the day when the Savior was born in a manger. It’s our habit that whenever Christmas comes, we attend masses. And I bet like you, we go shop for gifts. The price doesn’t matter but the message. What I habitually do on Christmas is make cards. I’m usually the gift wrapper and the name tag name writer. And I fill up the house with paper ornaments which I think adds up to the mess. This year, i’m going for ornaments, sources coming form Pinterest.

Ohmygosh it’s december! And my birthday is so near! Squeeeeeeeee! December will truly be my fave month.


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