Gash… Intrams o.O

The meeting for intrams just occurred today. Like, gahsh this will be totally traumatic. I hate sports. My heart was actually beating the moment I knew today is the day sports were gonna be assigned. So my eyes were like REALLY O.o. The three of us, (Me, Kyla and Princess) didn’t know where to join. Well, actually, Princess had in mind to join badminton. Too bad slots were full already.I hate Nathan. They were shouting that I should join swimming. Well yeah I wan’t to be a mermaid. But I want to swim instantly. Like have tails and gills so that I won’t have to go swimming lessons anymore. Nevertheless, wanting to be a mermaid doesn’t mean willing to join swimming occurrences -.- Anyways, by the end of the day, I was put up to 100 meters sprint. All because of Nathan. Better than nothing. I’m not even good at running. Uhg.


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