Oh shiz, ain’t this one of the world’s mass problem? Cramming. I hope you’ve heard of it already because like, it’s already a part of a student’s life, unless, you’re very responsible and good at managing time. The main reason cramming occurs, is because I lack time or I’m just too lazy. Cramming. If you don’t know what it is, here. Cramming is the act of cramming. Lol. It’s like finishing a certain project or whatever near the dead line. It’s part of our nature anyways, so you’ll get familiarized.

So, the reason why I’m talking about cramming is because I am (cramming). Like my blog, I haven’t blogged for last week and it made me grade-concsious, whatever that is. So the best thing to do when you’re in the cramming stage, stay cool. Don’t panic. It would make you more of… uhm, slower? Just chill and take a candy. literally. Mints would help you stay chill. Next, the exact moment you remember you have something to do, and cram it, cram it already! There’s no other option anyways! Start as early as possible! Next, summarize everything! If you’re project ws meant long, sorry but words have to be cut. There ain’t time anymore right? Summarize. I think that’s all. But always remember, don’t cram or the world will explode.


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