Turnover 2013

Turnover was one of the best times that occurred during grade 6. It’s this event wherein the teachers get to decide who your partner will be, so which means you get to dance with him for the night. It’s similar to prom, though. Anyways, I was so shocked when the announcing of partners came. I was partnered to the smallest guy or maybe person in our class. Like, I’m taller than him. Maybe the teachers need glasses or something to check that out.

So the stress in having turnover is when you have to practice for a month or something and it’s very exhausting. But the good thing is we get to wear civilian clothes everyday:) No more of that school uniform. I remembered one time, where that particular time was assigned for practice for turnover, but we, the grade 6 students went to Meridian to take this exam thingy. But after that we practiced.

Anyways, after those days of practicing, there, turnover. It was totally a bash. But the dancing wasn’t real good. My feet hurted so much. And since we were wearing masks, the glitters went all over my face. So I performed the violin there and that. It was very nice seeing the talents of the other performers and how the alumni went far already:) I actually think the turnover last 2012 was better because there was a photo booth and we took lots of photos. So I guess that’s all. I hope there’ll be one alike in Meridian. but I think there’ll never be.


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