Strangers ( short story-i think?)

It was every morning I passed by you, like a total stranger. Our eyes never met, maybe such a bantam time would it just occur. But it was less than meaningless. It was nothing. As it would just fly away with the wind in it’s direction. Though, as sometime passed, it was then I realized your face wasn’t as foreign as how I saw you at first. There were some tingling cautions, a friend could we be. Strangers at first, but who could even see? There was something telling me, we were destined, but as aquaintance.

It was then, I had the confidence to approach you. As we would see every morning, I did the usual. I waited for the right time, then I had it. I would walk, like how I did. It was very unusual how I didn’t see you at the spot where I usually did. I went a bit farther, but there weren’t signs of you. As my frown would almost touch the ground, and as how my tears want to burst, It’s when I realized, we weren’t destined.


-HAI GUYYYYSSS!!! Just made this story thing up, but, I dunno. Just popped out from my mind-=>




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