VLC thoughts

Recapturing once more the best times we had during VLC, I would just say it was truly a learning occurrence for all of us. It was a trip wherein we were able to grasp more things about Cebu and where we learned to appreciate more our own motherland. This VLC trip help us gain more merits that we can use as students and as people in our country. First thing I learned was focus on your passion. It’s actually the main highlight of our visit to Arden Classics and Kenneth Cobonpue. Those two designers were not pivoting on how much they take home but they are most likely ought to show how we Filipinos can reshape our country’s name by excelling in doing the things we have a passion for. Mr. Kenneth and Mr. Arden inspirited us that by doing your passion from heart will sooner be a great success. Second was bravery. How Kalipulako fought for our country was beyond incomparable. He didn’t care whether to live or die in the end. What he desired the most was showing the Filipinos his’ love for the country. Let’s face it. These days,not much bravery is shown. Perhaps, only few people would be amenable to sacrifice for their own country. Sometimes, what we need to set in mind is a little love for the country won’t hurt. We need to pick oneself up and raise our flag. Third was how beautiful our country really is. These days, most people usually idolize the western culture. But because of too much addiction, we forgot the beauty of our own country. What we ignore are our own awe-inspiring and striking places, extra-ordinary and astounding stories, and exquisite, mouth-watering dishes. But what I’ve learned is loving our own is the first priority. VLC really helped us students discover more, not only about Cebu but also about ourselves. It widened our knowledge about Cebu in a fun way wherein all of us plastered a smile while getting to know more about Cebu. The best part was where we got to know more about each other and in someway, getting to know our passion.


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