Intrams ~ a nightmare

To be honest, I’m not close to sports. You might see I suck at playing sports. I’m not the sporty gal like Michaela or Princess or Charm. Infact, I think I’m the sissy in the class. So, ohmygosh Intrams is near. Someone please spare me from it. I remembered when I was grade 4, I was chosen as muse for our intrams. I was assigned to dodgeball. I totally sucked. Like a complete sissy. I was like laughing and screaming the whole time. Effortless. Then grade 5, I was invited for my brother’s intrams. To be precise, a muse again. Then grade 6, I was invited then became muse again. So see? My intrams life sucked.

I think I’m one in the world who really needs some real, hardcore training at sports. You know why I suck at sports? First, I dehydrate. I’m not a fan of water. Second, I don’t eat a lot. I don’t get much energy. Then last, I don’t workout. Don’t laugh but I tried dance class last summer. I kind of lost 1 pound, I guess?

ANYWAYS, I hate sports. That’s all for today.

Bye. Please don’t watch me in intrams or I might faint or whatsoever.



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