Happy Birthday NC!

It might not be November 8 which is by the way, NC or Nathan’s birthday. Well, straight to the point, he celebrated his birthday in a restaurant named “Chili’s” which is located somewhere in Tomas Morato. Before we had an amazing time there, I first went to Kumon to gain my maths. It took me somewhere like 1 hour to finish the program. Then since Kumon was just walking distance from the venue, we just walk towards the place.

I was one of those who went early (I think) so before the dining started, I was there, chit-chatting with some friends of mine. Until finally, the expected visitors came. Those who were part were Me, Erica, Eunice, Nathan, Charm, Michaela, Leora, Antish, Joshua G., and Eduardo. First that occurred was the prayer offered for Nathan. We all formed into shape and thanked God for making it possible for Nathan to celebrate his’ birthday.

Then the most awaited started! I’ve been waiting this for forever! The food was on, but we weren’t all monsters when it came to that. We were respectful in an orderly manner. But, I need to break the urge since the food were mouth-watering. They had there this pasta which tasted amazing! I am so serious! There are a lot of dishes to dig on. Then I remembered this time wherein I asked Nathan what “Rib-eye” was. Though, I know it, but just making sure. He said it was some kind of steak then here comes the part. Nathan asked his mom to order rib-eye requested by me. I mean, I never said I did!!! Like, out of curiosity, I just asked what was that. When you ask about something, doesn’t mean your’e willing to try it, right? Plus, it’s a bit respectful ordering rib-eye when it’s not even your cash your spending. It’s a bit pricey.

We went back and forth the CR for gazillions of times than we saw this reporter or group of TV hosts in a table. I don’t even know them! Some dared us ( Me, Antish, and Michaela) to ask for a picture. The 3 of us were hesitant to. Like what if they complain were disturbing their so-called-moment? Anyways, we did take a picture. There’s even a video! You can browse Nathan’s wall for the video. He promised to upload it. So yeah. We did the dare. We took pictures with the not-so-famous TV hosts.

I had a really amazing time! Special dedication to a friend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO LEMUEL=)

That’s all:)


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